Thursday, December 09, 2004

Creepiest Ad Ever

I don't know if they show these ads outside of Ohio, but I just saw another example of what I consider the "Creepiest Ad Ever" on TV. Its an ad for a mortgage company called "King Capital." Its typical of its kind of ad in that it has a smarmy looking guy (who is probably Mr. King) in a tux shilling how great his mortgage company is. That's not the creepy part.

The creepy part is that he has his kid (also in a tux) on his lap. And the kid doesn't just sit there and look cute - oh no - the kid has a speaking role. Specificially, the kid talks with his father's voice and continues the smarmy spiel that the dad gives on low interest rates. The creepy part is the way that they superimpose the dad's mouth over the kid's face. It looks eerie. And on the new one they just showed the kid looks like he needs a shave (the kid is probably 2 years old tops). They should have filmed the ad earlier in the day, I suppose. And at the end of the ad the kid sings with dad's voice "You're the King at King Capital." Just so strange.

Anyway, these ads get my "Creepiest Ad Ever" award because its just so creepy to see someone using his kid as a ventriloquist dummy. I mean, if you want a dummy make one out of wood like people have been doing since vaudville. Don't dress your kid up in a tux and make him spout lines about low interest rates in your creepy voice. That's just wrong - totally, totally wrong. And it in no way makes me want to see how low your interest rates are, just for the record.

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