Sunday, September 22, 2013

Build-Your-Own-Monkeybrain-Comics-Anthology Review #1

A big chunk of the reason that I decided to wade back into the monthly comics pool was because of the buzz I’d heard about Monkeybrain Comics.  Last year Monkeybrain Comics jumped into the Comixology pool with a number of creator-owned titles that sold for $1 or $2 per issue.  And their comics weren’t just cheap - they were good.  So some of my first purchases off of Comixology were Monkeybrain titles.

Since the titles are all cheaper than a traditional monthly comic and have a lower page count, I feel a bit like what I’m buying is an anthology. So that’s the perspective I’m going to take in these reviews and I’m going to review a few of my monthly Monkeybrain purchases at one time because hey, why not?

Reading Weekly Comics Again - Comixology

Years ago (over a decade at this point now) I was an avid weekly reader of comic books.  My Wednesday pilgrimage to the comic book store was something that I looked forward to every week - and there were some weeks where it was literally the only good thing about my week.  But about a decade ago that stopped.  A lot of things collided at once to make this happen - prices on books increased past my tipping point for justifying such a weekly expenditure, we bought a house (and added all the expenses related to that), I went back to school, and, frankly, I stopped enjoying the books I was reading from week to week.  So I stopped buying weekly comics.