Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gamma World Origins - Fighter

There's nothing subtle about your fighting style.
You have a very classic approach to fighting -- you move up next to an enemy and you hit it.  Simple and direct.  Maybe your friends call you reckless, or maybe they appreciate your blunt technique.

Appearance:  Your other origin is going to dictate your appearance -- with a little work almost anyone can learn to be a fighter.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gamma World Origins - Knight

You're a defender of the innocent and protector of the downtrodden. Or maybe you just like dressing up in armor and carrying a big sword.
You wander the land righting wrongs, slaying dragons and rescuing princesses.  Or maybe you've sworn fealty to a king and act as the defender of his lands.  Or maybe you're just a weirdo who likes to dress up in heavy armor and hit things with a sword.

Appearance:  Your other origin is going to dictate your appearance -- Knights come from all walks of life.  However no matter what your other origin is you're probably going to be wearing some heavy armor, toting a hefty melee weapon, and carrying a large shield.  Otherwise why call yourself a Knight?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gamma World Origins - Brawler

You're an expert in fighting more than one opponent at a time
Your training focused on taking on multiple foes at once and making use of makeshift weapons that happen to be at hand.  Perhaps you were trained by a Revered Master in an ancient form of a long lost martial art, or maybe you've just been in a lot of barroom brawls.

Appearance:  Your other origin is going to dictate your appearance -- being a Brawler is more about training than birth (Brawlers are made, not born).  However your career as a fighter has probably left its mark somehow.  Maybe your face is scarred or you're missing an eye or an ear.

Gamma World

This past weekend I finally got a chance to run a session of the new Gamma World game from Wizards of the Coast.  All in all, I had an excellent time.  Part of that is that my group is fairly awesome, but part of it does come down to the fact that the Gamma World rules are just fun.  Character creation was relatively fast and simple -- and after a number of years of playing games where character creation takes hours and is all about making multiple painstaking choices, it was nice to run a game where dice are rolled and characters come together randomly.

And let's try this again

So it's been a while (ha!) since I last tried to do this "blog" thing.  It didn't go so well last time, but in the last 6 years my life has changed a bit.  I've finished my degree and have had a kid, and I'm finding that I need a creative outlet.  So I'm going to try this "blog" thing again

Right now I'm feeling the itch to work on gaming-related stuff, so this place is intended to be a bit of an outlet for that particular creative itch.  So we'll see.