Friday, December 03, 2004

Campaign Journal

So now for something geeky...

One of the things that I've wanted to do is post a "Campaign Journal" for the D&D game that I've been running. I have always felt that this was an incredibly geeky thing to do, so naturally I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

First some background: This game has been going on for over a year now, with a regular (rotating) cast of five players plus me as the DM. We don't play very often - we were playing roughly every 2 weeks before I started back to school in September. Since then we've only played once, but we're going to be playing weekly over the break and we'll see how it goes.

The cast of characters

Nightfall - Faeblood (aka half-elven) druid. Nightfall is, of course, not his given name. Nightfall was the adopted child of a family of farmers in the frontier village of Gerald's Haven. When Nightfall's brother was captured by one of the local goblin tribes, and an initial rescue mission goes wrong, Nightfall decides to try to rescue him.

Cronk - Goblinspawn (aka half-orc) barbarian. Cronk and his half-brother Morgan were originally raised by one of the local goblin tribes, but were cast out to the village of Gerald's Haven when Cronk was quite young. Morgan was one of the members of the rescue mission organized by the villagers to try to recover their family members. When the rescue mission went bad, Cronk decided to rescue his older brother.

Kerrigan - Faeblood rogue/sorcerer. Kerrigan was the apprentice of an old, retired "adventurer" who came to Haven years ago. Kerrigan had a fellow student - a goblinspawn named Morgan. When Morgan disappeared during the rescue attempt, Kerrigan decided to join Cronk in trying to get him back.

Thelonius - Human monk. Thelonius is a member of the monastary of the Sylvan Path, located in the village of Haven. The Sylvan Path requires that their members experience the world after their initial training, and Thelonius knew that the villagers needed help getting their loved ones back from the goblins.

Kateri - Human fighter. Kateri was the final "founding member" of the group. Kateri's mentor, an outcast knight from the Empire to the West, was among the group that did not return from a rescue mission in the goblin ruins. Kateri joined the others to try to get her teacher back.

Manfred - Human cleric of Kraith, Lord of War and Peace. Manfred is not an "original" cast member, but rather joined the group fairly recently. Manfred is from the same nation (Aeru) as the rest of the group, but is not from Gerald's Haven.

That's it for now. Later, the setting.

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