Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Links: Other Legion Impressions

Other folks are talking about the second issue of the Legion of Super-Heroes that I wrote about below. Johanna talks about both the Legion and the final issue of Morrison's We3 at her blog, Comics Worth Reading. Randy Lander and Don MacPherson give fairly thorough impressions at their site The Fourth Rail. And, for a counterpoint to the good reviews the above give, Rich Johnston at HeroRealm has a much more negative impression of the second issue.

If you can't tell from below, I disagree with Rich Johnston's impression. I agree that good sci-fi is about the present and not really about the future. I disagree that these Legion stories are somehow science fiction about the past, even if you take just the second issue in isolation and ignore the first. I'm hoping to get some time later this week to expand on that. We'll see.

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