Saturday, February 05, 2005

Book Lists: My Library Reserves

DISCLAIMER: My wife works for the public library system.

I love the public library. Our public library stocks not only books, but also trade paperbacks (including manga), DVD's and even some indivdual issues of comics. The library has been a great way to try some books that I've wanted to read before committing myself to buying them. This is a great way for me to make sure I'm not spending money on something I'm only going to read once anyway.

This year, I've made myself a resolution that I would try to read more manga. I haven't exactly avoided reading manga in the past, and it's not like I refused to read it if someone recommended something to me. I never really sought it out for myself, though. It was always something that seemed like a "specialty taste" before. Now, due to reviews on the web like the ones at Comics Worth Reading, I can see that there is a lot more breadth to the manga being released in this country than there was before. (Or maybe it was just my perceptions that were wrong).

So, of course, I've turned to the local library to do my "try before I buy" thing. While the library's stock of manga isn't as varied as, say, Borders, there is some breadth to the collection and I hope to find some things that I'm going to like. Once I do, I'll probably end up picking them up do add to my personal library (since I know me and that's what I usually do).

Here are the items I have currently checked out and currently on reserve through the local library:

Checked Out
Runaways v.1
Runaways v.2
Redmoon v.1
Redmoon v.2
Sgt. Frog v.1
Oh My Goddess: Wrong Number
Buddha v.1
Channel Zero

On Reserve
God's Politics - Why the right gets it wrong and the left doesn't get it, Wallis
Going Postal, Pratchett
Kindaichi Case Files v.1
Hellsing v.1
Inuyasha v.1
Maison Ikkoku v.1
One-pound gospel v.1
Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind v.1-v.2
Fushigi Yugi v.1
FruitsBasket v.1
Akira v.1
Shaman King v.1
Superman - The Animated Series DVD collection v.1
Batman - The Animated Series DVD collection v.2

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