Tuesday, May 17, 2005

School & Games: 7th Week Blitz

So, I missed posting this past weekend because I was attending the 2005 Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium here at OSU. There were a number of excellent talks given, so I'm really glad I attended, but I didn't get a lot of non-school stuff done this weekend. We're also in the 7th week of classes for the Spring quarter, and I have a lot to get done before the quarter ends, so I may end up missing a week or so before the quarter ends.

Since I didn't get any comics last week, I didn't really have a comics post anyway. Only Gail Simone's first Action Comics sounded interesting, so I didn't make a trip in to the local shop this week. I guess I'll have to flip through Outsiders as well to see what's going on, though its a book I usually pass by. This week looks better (though not for my wallet) with Birds of Prey, JLA:Classified, and a new Seven Soldiers issue all out this week. And there's a new Justice League Unlimited episode on Saturday, so there should be plenty to talk about (if I have the time).

Meanwhile, I've also been working on stats for the Justice League for a Mutants and Masterminds game that I am hoping to run this summer. So far, I've got Superman and Wonder Woman statted up, using the animated versions of the characters as the basis for the game (since their power levels are much closer to each other in the animated series). I'm planning on doing the whole "core League" from the animated series, and do each of them as power level 20 characters. That may sound a bit over powered, but Superman and Wonder Woman both seem to work as PL20 characters.

Oddly, the one who has been giving me the most problems has to be Batman. The point allocation for Batman has to be all over the place. He's definitely got to have broad skills, but he's also a combat master which means higher-than-normal attack and defense bonuses and a ton of feats. He also needs to have some points left over for his Batmobile, Batplane and other gadgets that he really needs. Fitting all of that into a PL20 character is proving more difficult than I really think it should.

I'll try to post the characters at my Waste of Space as I get them done up, for those who are interested (or who are willing to look them over and give me some feedback).

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