Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Comics & Games: New Links

Over on the left you'll see a new section - the "Look Kids! Comics!" section. Over here I'm going to be putting links to webcomics that I find amusing or fun. First up are gamer comics, and of course PVPOnline is over there and always good for a laugh about gaming of all types, but I want to especially point out the other link that's there right now - The Order of the Stick.

If you are a gamer, and specificially if you are a table-top player of Dungeons and Dragons, you must read this strip. This strip funny, occasionally hysterical, and full of gamer-type humor. I can't do justice to it, so just go read it.

(Note that if you have not played any tabletop RPG type games, you may not find it as amusing. I suspect that if you are a fan of massively-multiplayer online games that it may be close enough for you to get the jokes.)

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