Friday, March 04, 2005

Tales from the Ninth Week...

And once again, the quarter heats up and my posting drops to nothing. No worries, though, its the end of the ninth week and so far, so good. I finished up my last lab assignment for one class, will be finishing up my last homework for another sometime in the next few days, and finishing up both a research paper and a final project next week. Good thing I only have two finals this quarter...

You know, I gave up on Newsarama a long time ago - It annoys me that most of their "news" is either hype that is almost as bad as you find in Wizard or press releases (mostly from the Big Two, with others mixed it). And, when they had the recent Joe Quesada/Brian Bendis takeover for a week, I thought that pretty much justified my attitude.

But, then, they go and post a story like this story about the Superman copyright (helpfully pointed out by Mark Evanier at his website) and now I think I need to be reading the site regularly again. This was a good, informative article. I remember reading Newsarama regularly years ago when Matt Brady and Mike Sangiacomo regularly seemed to have actual newsworthy items to post and it was a great site to visit. Of course, the front page still looks more like crud, hype and press releases than anything else, so I don't know.

Am I asking for too much? Is it just that there isn't enough comic book news to put together a site devoted to it without the site degenerating? Maybe - it could be like with 24 hour news channels where there really isn't enough news to fill the network so hype, melodrama, editorial and combativ "debate" has filled in to fill up the space. Or maybe folks just want to read press releases from Marvel and DC and have a place to spout off about them. Maybe I'm just a crotchety old dingbat. I think that last premise is the most likely.

Anyway, back to the grind. A few more weeks until this quarter ends, which of course means only a few more weeks until the new one begins. Woo!

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