Monday, September 19, 2011

More Gamma World

So yesterday we had our second Gamma World session.  Three of our four intrepid mutants returned to the table to continue their search for the source of the strange malfunctioning robots that are bothering the village of Owl on the outskirts of the Great Forest.  Last time they tracked the robots to a warren of mutant badger-men (badders) and after a pitched battle they tracked the source of the robots to somewhere deep into the lower levels of the badder warrens.

We picked up there this week, and our mutants tracked their robot through the badder lair and into a connected series of natural caverns.  After fighting some pests in these caverns (and almost falling prey to some blood birds) they found that the robot tracks in the mud led to a distinctly unnatural cavern - some kind of cave built with Ancient technology which led in two directions.  Following one direction they found a metal door with the strange Ancient sign reading "Federated Robot Technologies - Lower Level Employee Entrance" above it and an odd-looking panel beside the door.  Treating this as a dead-end, the mutants explored the caves in the other direction -- and found the small cave opening up into a much larger Ancient cave with ramps leading up toward the surface and the cryptic letter "L" painted on the walls.

Traveling up the ramp, the mutants discovered that on the surface was another door - this one made of some kind of unbreakable glass - with the cryptic words "Federated Robot Technologies - A Division of OmniTech International - Paving The Way To A Work-Free Future" painted above it.  Through the glass door seemed to be some kind of indoor jungle, and after some debate (and attempts to break open the door), the mutants decided to return to the underground entrance that they had tracked the robot to.

After some discussion one of the mutants (the electrokinetic-felinoid named Tom) proposed using his Alpha Mutation to teleport through the door - and overcharging it to take everyone with him.  Unfortunately his overcharge failed and he randomly started teleporting - teleporting himself through the door without the rest of the mutants.  He found what seemed to be a storage area full of dormant robots.  Searching through the room he found an Ancient badge and used it to open the doors - which activated the robots in the room.  A pitched battle followed and the mutants were forced to retreat back through the doors and slam them shut to lick their wounds.

We were afraid that the giant mind-breaker named Brainpuncher had been killed by the robots.  Androo had failed three death saves and was preparing to roll up a new character, when we noticed that his Alpha Mutation should have prevented most of the damage he'd taken (he'd been endowed with a rubbery skeleton and had forgotten).  So in the end, I decided he was knocked unconscious and everyone thought he was dead.  When we left our intrepid mutants they had barricaded the door and were licking their wounds, preparing to figure out what to do next.

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